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The Mauritanian economy is characterized by liberalism; openness to all without exceptions,investment projects are given careful and special protection and the investor enjoys significant privileges.This promising economy offers enormous opportunities in a variety of sectorsand a trained labor force with acceptable wages.
The Mauritanian government has taken a number of measures to improve the business climate, including the adoption of an investment code, the review of public procurements and trade codes andthe establishmentof a single window and an arbitration and mediation center. These measures have enabled our country to be among the 10 best-reformed countries in the business climate in 2015,where it advanced 10 points on the index prepared by the World Bank annually.

Areas of Investment

Metals (Iron, Gold, Copper ...)
Energy (gas, oil, clean and renewable energy ...)
Marine fishing (fishing capacity of 1.8 million tons with the required construction of industrial units and unloading structures...)
Agriculture and Livestock (over 500,000 hectares of arable land, including 135,000 irrigated hectares, more than 22 million heads of cattle; (camels, cattle, sheep and goats).
Tourism (varies between desert and environmental tourism, including a coastline of 720 kilometers, many ancient cities; and palm oases ...)
Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Real Estate...
A free zone in the city of Nouadhibouthat enjoys a tax and customs incentive system..
Facilitation ofProcedures
In order to develop and facilitate investment operations, a large number of infrastructure projects have been established. The road network, ports and airports have been expanded and modernized. These include:
Two cargo ports (Nouakchott and Nouadhibou);
A small-scale fishing port;
International airports,
All major cities are linked with paved roads (which enabled to open upthe production areas);
Electricity, telephones and the Internet are available in all urban centers,
Vocational training schools (priority for science and technology education);
A hospital in each regionand 4 hospitals in Nouakchott.
To facilitate investment procedures and protect investor rights, several steps have been taken, including:
Centralization of the procedures for the establishment of enterprises at the single window level, which significantly contributed to reducing the cost of establishing companies; and the duration of their establishment, since the establishment of an entrepreneurship takes between 24 to 48 hours;
Annulment of mandatory payment of minimum capital; for limited liability companies;
Annulment of mandatory advertisement in the Official Journal;
Simplificationof the process of connecting to a medium-voltage electric network; these procedures take a few days.
Creation of a centralized risk capacity at the level of the Central Bank of Mauritania;
Lowering the interest rate to 9%;
A single window at the level of the port of Nouakchott to collect fees and royalties;
Freedom of transfer of capital and profits;
Freedom of access to raw materials;
Incentive customs and tax waivers.
Equality between the national and foreign investors in terms of concessions;
Establishment of a website to publish all the judgments and decisions of the Commercial Court of Nouakchott; issued between 2013 and 2016.
Ensuring intellectual property protection.